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Saturday, April 07, 2012

Cleaning Our Windows

This weekend, Stan had Friday off and we had cool weather. Perfect time for doing some outdoor Spring Cleaning. He started by spraying around the house for the mildew that seems to be rampant. Every year, we have to scrub the mildew off the eaves, the porch, the doors, windows, etc. We've tried bleach and cleaners. Last year we bought something made specifically to kill mildew on houses and it didn't do anything. Didn't even work as good as the bleach. This year we bought Will-dew and it melted it off like a charm! Let's hope it really killed it but at least it didn't require scrubbing. After we did the mildew spraying and rinsing, we cleaned the porches and patios. I scrubbed the cushions and furniture, hosed it all off. I took the hammock swings to the bathtub and let them sit in Tide with bleach. Then rinsed them and let them drain an hour. Stan took them outside and re-hung them to dry.
Next, we started on cleaning the windows. I use some Mean Green and a stiff brush to scrub the sills and frame. Then rinse. Let them dry a little. Then I mix vinegar and water in a bucket and use a squeegee to polish the windows. Be careful with getting all the streaks out.

After we did all that, I moved inside to polish the windows inside while Stan continued to work on the yard.

Sparkling windows!

He cleaned the fountains and did some mowing and stuff. While we were outside, he cranked up the big grill.

He put a couple of Boston Butts on and made BBQ chicken. The Butts went to our Easter dinner at his brother, Kenny's house. The BBQ chicken was for a cookout we had with Mom, Dad, Elaine and Ronnie. We were exhausted but it was nice time together.

The strawberries are gorgeous this year!

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