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Friday, March 16, 2012

"Like A Bull In A China Shop"

‎"Like a bull in a china shop" - A clumsy person who accidentally breaks everything around them; to act awkwardly; a person with no tact who upsets others or upsets plans; a phrase that suggested uncontrolled and uncaring actions with disastrous results. Since the fine porcelain known as china was not introduced into Europe until the 16th century and was not manufactured there until the 18th century, the notion of a bull in a china shop is fairly recent. "The extraordinary spectacle of a Bull in a China Shop afforded great entertainment; and an artificial elephant introduced, was welcomed with loud plaudits." - The London Review and Literary Journal, Jan. 1812, reporting a performance of a pantomime called The White Cat, or Harlequin in Fairy Land. It was also recorded in Frederick Marryat's novel, Jacob Faithful (1834).  The famous American publicist and press agent Jim Moran, who in January 1940 led a bull through a New York City china shop as a publicity stunt. The bull didn’t damage anything, but some china was broken when a bystander backed into a table while getting out of the way. Other languages use a simile like that but it's usually with an elephant.

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