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Thursday, March 22, 2012

"Cotton Pickin'"

"Cotton pickin'" - "Keep your cotton pickin' hands to your self", "Bless your cotton pickin' heart" (also "Bless your pea pickin' heart). Refers to the harsh and hard work of picking cotton. The rough pods pricked your hands and left them bleeding until they became calloused and horny. Those hands represented hard work and was used as a disparaging term (in the first ex. ) as though they were too poor and had to pick their own cotton; or, a term of endearment (in the second ex.) as in they're such hard workers.

Another term that Southerners used was "Pickaninny". This refered to a child who was too young to "pick any cotton" as in they weren't "picking any" cotton. It was usually referring to black babies and toddlers because you had to be pretty young to not be put to work, see the photos!

Notice the baby in the basket of cotton.

"High cotton" - "He's living in high cotton" means he's got it easy. Cutting high cotton was easier because it meant not stooping and bending over.

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