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Monday, March 12, 2012

50 Ways To Recycle Wooden Pallets

I got on the Internet and did a Google search to find ideas recycling wooden pallets. I found some wonderful ideas! People are so imaginative and clever and they are using wooden pallets in such unusual ways. If you've been looking for ways to reuse pallets, look no further than these 50 ideas. Thanks to all the people who come up with these clever ideas and share them with the public!

First, what are wooden pallets? They are rough cut wooden squares. On these squares are stacked boxes of merchandise that can be moved around in batches by forklifts.

If you can get free pallets, then re-using the pallets in a constructive way is wonderful.

Use for a trellis to train your vegetables on.

I love this mobile chicken coop.

This lattice made of wooden pallets makes for a much needed shade for the sun side of this house.

From Miscellaneous I

Wooden pallets make a great compost bin.

And here is an extra idea!

Warning: Some pallets may have wood treated with chemicals which could be dangerous to your health.


Unknown said...

I've been surfing the internet to find ideas recycling wooden pallets and found this blog post very useful. You have showcase a lot of creative pallet ideas that I've never thought it could be. Your blog provided me a beneficial ideas to work on. Thanks a lot for sharing. Pallet suppliers in Somerset

Unknown said...

Great idea! It was nice reading about recycling of wooden pallets.

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Gian Carlo said...

I have different ideas for the pallets. I will build a wooden pallet frame to my indoor koi pond. I will build a chicken coop and a dog house

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