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Friday, February 24, 2012

Starting Spring Cleaning In The Kitchen

It's been a mild winter so far here in SC. It made me want to start my Spring Cleaning. This week I worked in the kitchen. I emptied out all my cabinets and drawers, wiped them clean. Then I re-organized and cleaned before putting things back. I used a glossy, wipe-able plastic shelf paper (I used white flat head tacks to hold it in place) when we moved in 6 yrs ago so it's easy to wipe out. So far I haven't had to re-paper the cabinets or drawers.

This used to be my spice cabinet but we have run out of space for all the herbs and spices that we use. So I have relegated my coffee mugs and travel cups to this cabinet.

My knife drawer.

My baking drawer is just across from my baking appliance cabinet.

Our baking cabinet and appliance garage.

Under the stove (it's a down draft Jenn Air).

Our pantry cabinets

With a close up of the area for our herbs and spices (3 rows, alphabetized).

Notice I've used recycled jars and Walmart's Great Value plastic drink containers. We love their instant tea with lemon, or peach, or raspberry! I used pimento jars and Mount Olive 8 oz sweet relish jars. The Mt Olive relish jars were the hardest to use as I had to get the labels off but with a little Goo Gone I managed. Then I used white gloss Appliance spray paint to paint the lids. I love my Dymo label printer.

My tin foil, wax paper, baggies drawers. Notice the jar of matches. I glued a piece of sand paper under the lid for striking.

The insides of my cabinets are clean, organized and finished. The next project in the kitchen is washing down the outside of the kitchen cabinets with Murphy's Oil Soap and water. Then it will be on to the walls and all the doo dads on the walls, the windows and curtains and clean the upholstered chairs. It took me 2 days to do the inside of the cabinets. It will take 2 days to do the other things in the kitchen. I'll probably get around to that some time next week. I have to take it slowly for me. I've already done the Great Room, Guest Room and bath, my bedroom and bathroom and their closets. After the kitchen it will go one to Stan's bedroom and bath. Then the hallways and entrance hall. Then the living room. Then the dining room. Then the office. It will take me all Spring to slowly get this done. The last thing on the list are the outside areas like washing the windows, cleaning the porch and outdoor furniture and spray washing. That's when Stan has to take over.

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Cheryl said...

Great post! I love the cabinet you have with your small appliances in it and the pull out shelf and power outlets! Wow! What every kitchen needs!

Thanks for the great ideas and inspiration :)

With Hope,

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