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Monday, January 30, 2012

Vintage Popcorn Makers

I always loved popcorn and Mom and Dad kept it because it was a cheap snack. Sometimes, after we were sent to bed and supppose to be asleep, I could hear and smell Dad making his popcorn and, of course, I would call down the stairs and asked for some.

Back in the old days you had popcorn utensils. You put some oil and popcorn in the basket and held it over the flame in the fireplace. Dad bought one of those one time and we tried it in the fireplace of our den at 600 Sharondale Ct. But it just burned and I don't think we ever tried it again.

Before microwaves and microwave popcorn, they had popcorn makers. Granddaddy had one that was an aluminum pot with a handle (like a coffee pot) over an electric element. It plugged right into an outlet, you added oil and popcorn and waited for it to pop. Here are some photos I found of vintage popcorn poppers.

After Stan and I were married and we were spending our first Christmas on the farm (that would be 1981) in our unheated house, he bought me a popcorn popper, a huge bag of popcorn and several Agatha Christie novels. That present was still one of the best because he had paid attention to my likes and bought accordingly. It was a teflon coated electric element with a big plastic bowl part. You put in the oil and popcorn and put the bowl on top. After it popped you turned it upside down and had your popcorn already in a bowl.

Some more like this.

I loved eating popcorn and reading with a big glass of iced tea. I tried the air poppers when they came out. It was suppose to pop popcorn without the fattening oil. It made popcorn taste terrible and I never liked them. Same with microwave popcorn, it just has a bad taste compared to making it the old fashioned way.

I have an old Paul Revereware pot that is just the right size. Making popcorn will ruin a pot and, sure enough, some burned on this pot and I was never able to clean the burned stuff out. So I saved that pot and have used it for over 34 years now just for popping popcorn.

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