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Sunday, January 08, 2012

Savannah's First Birthday

Our grandniece, Savannah, turned 1 yrs old on Friday and they had her party on Saturday. Boy, what a big party it was! She has many family members on both sides of the family and then their friends, all to celebrate this sweet little girl. Hannah and Luke had everyone over for hot dogs and homemade shredded BBQ. The house and yard were full. Stan and I visited her the night before on her actual birthday. Ronnie had helped Luke paint her bedroom. They painted it pink for her birthday. So we sent out for dinner and visited. So the pictures are from the night before and then the day of her party. We add our appreciation to Luke and Hannah for everyone who came, supported them and showed their love.

Our youngest nephew, Logan.

All the cars...

Her great grandmother Eleanor gave her a rhinestone tiara for her first birthday.

Everybody sings "Happy Birthday".

First touch of the cake. She loved it and was going at it with both fists before long.

Would she share some with Daddy? Only a little on her pinky finger!

Hannah's last Facebook message last night was, "The sugar has kicked in!!! My child is bouncing off of the walls!!"

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