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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Organizing Your Purse

Is your handbag a mess? Is your purse cluttered? Is your pocketbook spilling over with junk? Maybe, during these winter days, you can find some time to straighten it up.

How do you organize your handbag? How do you organize your purse? Do you want your handbag to look like this?

Well here are my tips on cleaning out and organizing your pocketbook.

1) Plan. Yep, you can plan ahead on straightening your handbag. First decide what purse best suits you. Some women love to collect handbags and go for anything "cute" or "darling". For me, I like a purse that is funtional first, enduring and well made. Last on my list of priorities is if it's "cute". Once I have found the "perfect" bag in terms of function, I don't change it until it's worn out. That's just me. So I plan what kind of pocketbook that will function best for me. Since I don't change handbags, I pick a brown or black. This is neutral enough to go with any outfit. I don't like colorful ones because it may clash with your outfit or coat. I prefer that it be made of good leather because it holds up longer, doesn't lose it's shape. A purse made of fabric won't hold up. I need to think what I will carry in my purse on a regular basis and plan accordingly. If I need a purse organizer I need to choose one and purchase it. Try to think of the minimum items you need to carry in your purse. You don't have to carry the kitchen sink on the off chance that something may happen. Make a list of the items you have to have daily and plan a purse and/or organizer that will hold these things.

2) After you've planned and acquired what you need it's time to dump all the contents out. If you are staying with your current purse, then clean it up. Leather handbags can be conditioned. Fabric ones can be washed on the gentle cycle or handwashed and drip dried. Vacuum out the purse. Throw away all trash. You don't have to carry every key you've ever had. Personally I only carry the door key, the car key and the car remote. I have a key cabinet at home so extra keys go in that. If I need one away from home I can always store it on a second key chain in the car in the glove box. You don't have to keep bottles of medicine in your pocketbook. I use a small pill box or Altoid tin. Just put a few aspirins, allergy pills, a pack of Alka Seltzer, etc. You don't have to keep a whole box of Kleenex but get the small packs of Kleenex. You don't have to carry a large bottle of lotion when you can buy trial sizes or use travel bottles. Purge. Remove all the half used chewing gum packets, the old receipts, etc.

3) Put your things back together evaluating again before you find a permanent place for each item.

In my purse I have:
* Small silver dog key chain with 3 keys and my car remote
* My perscription sunglasses
* My cell phone
* My tablet
* My wallet with all my cards, cash, change, checkbook in it
* A key ring with all my plastic discount cards on it
* A pen
* A pill box
* Chapstick
* An antibacterial wipe packet (just one)
* A small 3' tape measure
* Receipts (which I try to empty out every day when I come in)

I prefer a pocketbook that has a place for everything and lots of pockets, sections. I like one big enough to carry my Tablet but not a huge purse. Those always tend to look deflated and limp unless you have them full and then they are too heavy. My purse represents my lifestyle. I don't have children, I don't have a job, etc. So my needs are different than yours. I don't have to carry business cards or sippy cups. I don't use makeup so I don't have a makeup case, etc. Plan for your life and make it work and be efficient for your situation.

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