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Contact me at Mom25dogs@gmail.com

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Dad's 75th Birthday

Today is Dad's 75th birthday so I had a Sunday lunch at our house for the family. It was Mom, Dad, Melinda, Mike, Lee, Luke, Hannah, Savannah, Elaine, Stan and I and one of Dad's friends, Clay, came by. Stan made whole chickens in his smoker last night and he made squash, mashed potatoes today. Dad brought a pot full of his greens and a pone of cornbread. I made the Rocky Road Crockpot Cake.

Elaine gave Dad a hat that says "Antique Person" with funny saying on it. We gave Dad a radio with headphones that he can wear while he's on his tractor (a special request). Luke and Hannah gave him a box full of nuts. There were a couple of containers of peanuts and the rest of the box was full of pecans from Luke's pecan tree at his new house.

Savannah crawls all over the place but she's also about to start walking. She walks with while pushing her toy.

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