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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Our Trip To Visit Jenny, Kyle and Brett

I flew up to Illinois to visit Kyle, Jenny and Brett. I left on Sunday, 11/3/2011 and came home Sunday, 11/13/2011. Brett's Granddaddy, Jenny's Daddy, Ronnie (aka, by Brett, as Pickles) drove his Mother and two Sisters, Kathi and Angie, up on Thursday and drove back on Sunday. I got some wonderful photos while I was there so here they are!

First, Jenny and Kyle are remodeling their house. They re-painted their living room and completely gutted the kitchen. It's looking good!

White cabinets with these for backsplash and ceramic tile floor.

Brett thinks he can use his tools like his Daddy!

Kyle was talking on the cell phone so Brett picked up the stud finder and walked behind his Daddy talking on his "phone"! He looks like my nephew, Aaron, in this photo.

One day we "forced" Brett to go with us and Jenny's mother-in-law, Naomi, shopping and out to lunch. Brett was not a happy camper but Jenny somehow keeps her cool!

You know, he sort of looks like Stan when I take HIM shopping! LOL!

Chilling and talking to his peeps on his Mom's phone!

Brett's beautiful and devoted Chocolate Labrador Retriever, Choxie!

Brett loves the Cars movie and can sit and watch it over and over again. He has all the little cars and knows them intimately! He lines them up and crashes them. I have no idea what's going through his head but it's so cute!

Here comes Pickles, Banma Peggy (how Brett pronounces it!), Aunt Kathi and Aunt Angie!

On our way to see Chicago!

It was cold and windy!

Jenny and Boowah!

Aunt Angie, Pickles and little Boowah!

In Millenium Park

The Blob!


Some camera crew stopped Jenny to ask her what inspires her. She said the children that she works with inspire her.

They are laying down the ice skating rink in Millenium Park.

Peggy, Brett and Ronnie

Jenny mimics Marilyn Monroe!

This building had rocks from all over the world embedded in it's walls!

We had the best Italian lunch I've ever had at Volare just a block off of Michigan Ave.

The crowd outside of Garrett's Popcorn. Jenny said it was the best and the crowd proved it.

On Saturday we went to Tanner's Orchard and stopped at one of the many windmills. It was a great day!

Ronnie tried on Brett's hat!

Peggy loved the goats!

Sunset on the Illinois flat lands!

Kyle's youngest sister got married and her parents gave her a big reception and invited us since we were in town. It was so nice of them and the food was good and they were all very kind!

Brett was very excited to go dancing!

Kyle's father, Matt, talking to Ronnie and Peggy.

The bride and groom.

The toast by the bride's sister, Ashley.

Jenny, Brett and Kyle. Brett had to have his arms around both of them.

This is Naomi, Kyle's mother.

Matt and Naomi's children (sans Marc who is stationed in Kuwait right now) and their spouses:

Left to right: Kyle's older brother, Craig; Kyle and Jenny; Kyle's youngest sister, Molly; Kyle's older brother, Adam; and Kyle's older sister, Ashley.

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