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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Old Satellite Dishes

When satellite dishes first came around they were HUGE! Like the size of a small car HUGE! People who lived in remote areas finally could get more than the local TV station and bought those first satellite dishes. Stan and I waited for the smaller dishes to come out because cable TV did not run lines to our remote farm house. The first one we bought cost us $2500! That was just the reciever and single box. Stan did the installation. He literally stood on the roof and held it different directions until we got the signal and I hollered up to him that he got it. It was struck by lightening the next year and our insurance company replaced it and this time it only cost $800! Of course, today, you just have installation costs and monthly subscription. Man, what a change!

But some people are still stuck with those huge old satellite dishes. I found a couple of ideas on the Internet that should help someone recycle the old satellite dishes. Pretty clever reuse of satellite dishes.

Here it's the roof of a small round garden shed.

Here it's a chicken coop or duck hut. It's too short to clean out and get the eggs though.

If you have kids, they would love this!

Makes a nice roof for a garden gazebo!

A pond or fountain!

And a deer stand.

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