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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My Bedroom

I'm going to give you a glimpse into my innermost sanctum... my bedroom! I hesitate to do this because it is not magazine perfect with beautiful decorating. To an outsider I'm sure it looks disconnected and frenetic. But this room is the most used room in my house and has very heavy usage and it has to work for ME!
First, how do I use my bedroom? How do I need it to function? What do I do in my bedroom?

In our marriage, it works best for us to have separate rooms. Stan's room is just across from mine but we like having our own spaces. This way when he snores it doesn't keep me awake. He can watch what he wants on TV and I can watch what I want on TV. If I want to read and he wants to watch TV, we aren't bothering each other. He can get up and get ready for work without disturbing me. Our 5 dogs stay with me and they don't bother him and keep him from sleeping. He has to have his rest to work and trying to sleep around another person and 5 dogs would disrupt that for him. I have to get up 2-3 times a night to go to the bathroom and I don't disrupt his sleep. So, having the separate rooms works well. Of course, we make sure to spend time together because it could be too easy to become roommates instead of a married couple.

So, my bedroom has to accomodate our 5 little dogs. They stay in the master bedroom suite (my bedroom) all the time so as not to mess up the rest of the house. It's become their security zone. It's where they feel secure and relaxed. This also helps when we have company. The dogs don't have to get disrupted and banished to an unfamiliar room in the house. They can stay in their safe, secure zone.

To accomodate the dogs and their needs in my bedroom, I have to have things that most people wouldn't have in their bedrooms. For instance, I have 3 Italian Greyhounds. These miniature Greyhounds have very thin, delicate legs that break easily and we've had 4 expensive broken legs between our 3. So I have placed Lane chests on 2 sides of my bed to give them a step up and down from the beds (they are almost as agile as cats and they leap, but my bed is too high and they have missed and fallen before). I place rubber backed bathroom mats on these chests to give their feet purchase as they jump up and down. The wood tops are too slick and they slide off if I don't. I also rely on these chests to catch them if they accidentally fall off the bed (which has happened). On the 3rd side of the bed is a cheap ottoman with another rug on top. This leaves only one spot for me to get in and out of bed from.

Another accomodation for the dogs is all the dog beds around the room. They love to lie in the sun as it moves around the house and they love to have separate beds for those times they are gnawing on a bone so I have these small beds scattered around the room. Spunky Monkey can't jump up and down from the bed (he's blind and not so agile) so he is on the floor throughout the day and needs comfortable spots to lay in. Right now he's in a comfy basket that happens to be in the sun and he's sound asleep!

We also need 2 crates in the room. One is big enough to use as a table top. I have to feed the dogs separately. MoneyPenny is fed in the bathroom, Dresden in the dressing area and Capo in the bedroom. Then I have the 2 little ones, Persephone and Spunky, in the crates. The little ones don't eat fast enough and can't protect themselves if the bigger ones finish first and run over to steal their food. So, to make sure they get to eat, I have to close them in their crates and let them out when they are finished.

I also have pee pads on the floors. I use diapers on the 2 bigger boys so a stack of pee pads and diapers is always handy along with clean up supplies.

I also have a gas heater in my bedroom so that even if the power goes out, the dogs and I have heat in the most comfortable room in the house. This is very important to me. We have a generator but it isn't big enough to run the heat pump and the gas log fireplace in the living room only heats that room which isn't the most comfortable room in the house. So we added this heater and put it close enough to the floor to warm the dogs but not so close that they could paw it and get burned or lift their leg on it.
Lastly, I have the bins of dog food in the bedroom along with their bowls and water dish (in the bathroom). You may also find chew bones on the floor or in the dog beds.

How else do I use my bedroom? I have an adjustable bed and I use my laptop computer while sitting in bed. To accomodate this, I have a laptop table. I also have a metal shelf hanging by the bed to hold the surge protector and my external hard drives, etc. The cables have to reach the laptop so they have to be close to the bed. I also have a multi-function printer sitting on the large dog crate. The shelf may look messy but it's easy to reach and clean and attach and detach. It meets my needs.

Another way I utilize my bedroom is for my reading. Therefore I have some bookshelves to hold my "To Be Read" (TBR) books. These are books I've found at yard sales or book sales, cheap and something I want to read. Otherwise I have gone all digital with my ereader. That has removed a lot of book clutter! I have also switched to the library for reading new books that aren't free for my ereader yet. Again, this has drastically reduced my book purchases and book clutter. I also use my bookshelves for storing paper and ink cartridges for my printer.

I have a large walk in closet and a regular sized separate closet. In that closet I have made used it for storage. It has been fitted floor to ceiling with shelving and I use it for gift storage, gift wrapping, and other storage. My walkin closet has hanging storage and shelving so I don't have to use my dressers for clothes. I use the dressers to store other things that I don't have to access often because my chest of drawers are old and fragile.

I use a metal cabinet that I painted to match for a linen closet since I don't have a separate linen closet.

I have a small bookshelf to hold my cameras, camera bags and a surge protector for all my rechargeables (phone, cameras, ereader,etc). I like this because it's easy to reach and the surge protector has a switch where I can turn all these devices off when they are not being used to recharge.

I have a separate chaise lounge for Stan to sit in when he comes in to watch a movie with me.

My bedroom TV is on 90% of the time. Even when I'm not in there I leave the TV on because it gives the dogs a soothing background sound. Otherwise, they hear every noise inside and outside the house and are driven crazy barking and alerting even when it's not necessary. It helps their nerves, our nerves and the nerves of our closest neighbors. Of course, at night when we sleep, it's off because I want them to alert me of any noises. They are good burglar alarms. Anyway, I have an old TV and the DVR box on my chest of drawers where it can be seen from the bed and chaise lounge.

I have to have a fan in my room. My hormones are all messed up and I stay so hot and then have hot flashes on top of that so I have the fan blowing directly on me in the bed and it makes a soothing background noise to sleep by. It covers up outdoor noises at night like the neighbor's dog barking. I highly recommend a fan for white noise.
Lastly, I need my room to be easy to clean. As I said, it gets heavy usage and therefore can get dirty quickly. We have floors that are easy to clean when dogs have accidents or I spill a drink (I can't eat in my bedroom because of the dogs, but I always have something to drink in my hand). I have bedding that can easily be thrown in the washing machine and dryer because sometimes there are accidents and they have to be cleaned often because of dog hair. So I don't have expensive or fancy linens and bed pillows. The dogs are cold natured, even with their housecoats on and they burrow under the covers. There is no use to make the bed when they burrow under. I don't have fancy long drapes because the dogs might chew on them or lift their legs. Besides I like easy cleaning and valances are easy to regularly throw in the washer. I use roller shades that are cheap and very effective. I keep soft throws on the chaise lounge because they are easy to wash and keep the chaise from getting dog hair on it. I use towels on the back of the chaise for the same reason and to keep the chair from fading in the sun of the window it sits under. I don't have a picture over the bed because it's simply to hard to Windex every week. My pictures are where I can get to them to polish. And there are things that I like, enjoy, makes me feel like it's me. Not just a functional space but a "me" space. But these things have to be easy to clean and not too cluttered or it becomes a burden instead of a delight.

So, that pretty much takes care of how I need my bedroom to function and why you will see all the things you see in my bedroom. It has to be efficient, functioning, easy to clean and pleasant for me since I spend a lot of time here. So, here are the pictures of my bedroom.

Remember, you can get away with almost any decor as long as you keep it clean.

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