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Friday, November 18, 2011

Broken Dishes

When I break a pretty dish, it hurts to throw it away! Do you feel the same way? Well, I did a Google search to see what ideas people have for recycling broken dishes. There are ways to reuse broken dishes. It's fun and thrifty. Broken china makes for good mosaics. Recycled broken china mosaics can be used as kitchen backsplashes, table tops, flower pots, birdhouses, picture frames, mirror frames, birdbaths, etc. Here are some of the photos I found of reused broken china turned into mosaic.

This one is pretty now but would be too hard to keep clean.

A garden stepping stone. My sister has done this before and it's very pretty.

A Christmas clock!

Other cool ways to use broken dishes:

A safe way to store those broken pieces until you get around to doing something with them.

Recycled dishes can be used for other things too!

1 comment:

michelle.e said...

Love the mosaic creations. Such a pretty way to help save the planet. :)

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