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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Our Dogs In Their Costumes

I took these photos of 4 of our 5 dogs in their costumes!

This one is Capodimonte, Capo the Clown! He is one of our Italian Greyhounds. They are such snugglepusses!

Here is Spunky Monkey. He is our special needs Miniature Pinscher. He is pretty much deaf and blind and he whirls and twirls instead of walks (all this due to a brain injury as a puppy before I adopted him) so I got him dressed up while he was laying in his basket. If I get him up, he will whirl around and I can't get a still shot of him!

Here is Little Miss MoneyPenny, the Queen of our group. She is a black and tan Miniature Pinscher. This breed is called the King and Queen of the toy breeds and you can see why. They are so cocky and arrogant!

Here is Dresden, one of our 3 Italian Greyhounds. They are such an elegant dog but a very fragile dog as those long legs are only the size of pencils and break easily. Drezzy wasn't so sure about the hat!

1 comment:

Cheryl said...

What adorable pictures of your "family"! I love them! What great costumes too!

Thanks for sharing.

I was wondering, on another note, if you have blogged about why you digital scrapbook (pros and cons) and what program/programs you use and if you print the pages out, etc. I am an "old-school" scrapbooker, but am falling behind and think about digital, but then I quickly drop the thought because I have been doing the other for so long.

I enjoy looking at and reading your posts, even though I don't comment very often.

Take Care,
With Hope,

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