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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

What Would You Save From A Burning House?

If your house caught on fire, what would you try to save? Remember, you must get out ASAP! So what would you grab? What is most important to you?

Of course, any human in the house!

Next, all 5 of my dogs. They are in the bedroom with me so I would be tossing dogs out the window!

I would be grabbing my glasses and something to wear and shoes on my feet.

My laptop and external hard drive which are in the bedroom.

My cell phone and cameras which are in the bedroom.

If I had time, my jewelry box would get chucked out the window.

This has always been a nightmare for me. I dream that a fire has started and I have to grab what I can in seconds and get out. Of course, that's when I can't seem to move or I can't shout a warning to Stan or the dogs are hiding under the bed and I can't get to them.

If I had a little more time such as the Hurricane scenario, then I would be trying to grab all my scrapbooks. My family, my dogs, my glasses, my computer and hard drive, my cell phone, my jewelry box and my scrapbooks.

Now that you've thought about a disaster and what you would want to grab, then think of where those things are. How hard would it be to grab them and go? I have a closet, floor-to-ceiling, full of scrapbooks. I can't just grab them and go. On the other hand, they are all in one place so if I had a little more time, I could get them. They are all together in one spot. I keep my dogs in my bedroom suite, along with my laptop and external hard drive with all my photos on it. My cell phone and cameras are all together in the bedroom. My jewelry is all together in my jewelry box in the bedroom. It would be easy to grab and go. So, at least, I feel like the things I would want to save are in an easy-to-go, convenient place. I wouldn't be hunting them, or having to go all over the house gathering.

This is something else to think about. If you are afraid of losing your digital data, photos, videos, etc. then use an online backup service. That way you have a backup of your data no matter what happens to your computer (dropped on the sidewalk, hard drive crash, house burned down, tornado, etc.) That's one thing you can do that will bring you a lot of peace of mind.

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