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Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Stan took a week's vacation and Memorial Day so he got a LOT of work done around the house. One thing he did on a hot, sultry Memorial Day was to hang my swing. Dad gave me an old swing he had and Stan made s few repairs, I stained and polyurethaned it and then he hung it on our front porch!

While he hung the swing, he had to move our ferns. Taking them down I found a little bird's nest with 3 eggs and a hatchling. The baby bird heard our voices and opened wide thinking Mama bird was home to give him a mouthful of worm! It was so cute that I had to go get the kids next door to see.

Stan grilled some vegetables and we finished up the smoked Boston Butt that he had cooked Saturday night. It was a very hot day but a nice one. I almost got heat stroke while staining and polyurethaning the swing but a cold shower and buckets of water and juice revived me. That was an awful thing.

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