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Monday, May 30, 2011


I like uncluttering and organizing and most people envisage purging extraneous stuff. But there are times when having duplicates make sense.

I have several pairs of scissors in my desk drawer in different sizes, I have a pair of fabric scissors with my sewing supplies, I have a pair of kitchen scissors in the kitchen, I have another pair of scissors with my wrapping papers and another pair next to my kitchen table for clipping coupons. I have a pair of scissors in each bathroom. Stan has scissors in his shop.

Another duplication: I have trashcans everywhere. One in the kitchen, one in the study, one in the Great Room, one in each of the 3 bathrooms, one in each of the 3 bedrooms and one in the laundry room, not counting the one in Stan's shop. Every week, before garbage day, I go around and check the trash cans and empty the ones that have to be emptied. If you use small trashcans, then line them with plastic shopping bags. Carry a large trash bag with you and dump the smaller trash bags in it and reline with a fresh shopping bag or garbage bag. This is a good job for a child to learn how to do early.

You can create zones or baskets for different things and there might be duplication. For instance, let's say you have a baking zone in your kitchen and all your baking supplies are in that area. You would have flour and sugar canisters, baking powder and salt, baking sheets, pans and cake pans, spatulas and rolling pins, cookie cutters, measuring spoons and measuring cups, mixers, chocolate chips, etc.

Now let's look at your herb and spice area. You would include salt there too. Then there is the salt by the stove and the salt on the table. Duplication!

Maybe you have a pizza basket with all things pertaining to making homemade pizzas. In that basket you would include pizza sauce, canister of flour, dry yeast, your recipe for making dough, a list of toppings, pizza stone/pan, pizza cutter, measuring cups/spoons. When you are ready to make homemade pizzas, grab the pizza basket or box and go to town. Notice there is flour in the baking zone and flour in the pizza making basket. In your pantry you could have baskets or shelves or cabinets or drawers for certain common jobs like the pizza making, baking, etc. If you do this, there will inevitably be some duplication. It's what makes it efficient and functioning.

There can be too much duplication and there can be efficient and useful duplication. It's up to you to decide what works for you and your family. Let's go back to the scissors example. It seems like I have scissors everywhere but I use them all and it's more efficient for me to grab the pair in the bathroom drawer than to run into the kitchen and grab the pair in the kitchen drawer and then have to remember to take them back.

If you have children you might consider (age appropriate, of course) having their own desks equipped with scissors, pens and pencils, stapler, paper and notebooks, IN EACH BEDROOM. That way, they shouldn't have to borrow their sister's or get the kitchen scissors or steal the ones from your coupon area and then never put them back. Teach and train them (with repetition, repetition, repetition) to keep their stuff in their room, in their desk, and don't borrow from other rooms. You might try color coding them. For instance I have my set of household tools and I literally had to buy some acrylic craft paint and paint them pink for Stan to leave them alone. His shop is a mess and he can't put his hands on stuff so he likes to borrow mine but then he doesn't put it back and it winds up in the shop, lost! Not my pink tools! So maybe Sally can paint her stapler and scissors pink and Johnny can paint his blue. You can do this with towels, bed linens, hangers, toothbrushes, hair brushes, etc. You can buy the items in color or paint them or let the kids paint them or put a dot of nail polish on them (pink or blue nail polish) or use colored stickers.

Stan has a steel basket (one of those locker kinds) hanging in a storage space and this is where I put everything to do with his grilling. After I've washed the grilling tools, I put them back there. It also contains matches and lighter fluid. Too bad it won't hold the bags of charcoal too. LOL! I also keep matches in the kitchen and in the living room for those scented candles that I love. In my house, those are the only 3 places you will find matches. I put them there because it's convenient and efficient but I don't have matches in every drawer or strown throughout the house. It's just those 3 places. We know, if we need a match, we can go to those places and find them.

Again, I'm not talking about having boxes of duplicate stuff or having 25 white blouses! I'm talking about making your home work efficiently. Saving steps. Saving time. Do what streamlines your home for you and your family.

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