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Saturday, December 04, 2010

A Family Collage

A family collage. A lot of these photos are not good quality scans and have to be kept small to keep the details at all.

Friday, December 03, 2010

Katie Trying On Wedding Gowns

Our niece, Katie, tried on many wedding dresses. She and her parents finally went to New York and picked her dress. But there are some of the dresses she tried on before they went to New York.

Trying on wedding gowns.

Craft and Hobby Rooms

With our lifestyles today, most of us have time for some hobbies and leisure activities. For some this is sports but for others, it's more sedentary activities like scrapbooking, sewing, knitting, playing music, singing, photography, etc. Our hobbies require some organization and a place for everything whether it's camping supplies, sports equipment, sewing machine and fabric, etc. Sometimes the organization of our hobby equipment get away from us. We can end up with a mess. If this is you then there are some things to think about.

If you don't have room in your home to organize and store your equipment then maybe this hobby isn't for you. There are hobbies that take less room. For instance, if you thought you would love kayaking and you bought the kayak and all the trimmings but now it's taken up 1/2 of your garage and you only use it once or twice a year... then maybe you should think again about kayaking as a hobby. You could sell that big kayak, roof rack and oars and give yourself back the garage. Maybe it's snow skiing with all the skis, snow boards, boots, ski poles, winter wear but you only use this stuff once or twice a year, maybe it's time to re-think your hobby. If you have a small apartment, you might consider a hobby like reading (buy an ereader and keep your library on it and it won't even take up shelf space), hiking (which only takes good hiking shoes), going to the gym (which only takes good shoes and workout clothes), etc. Choose your hobbies according to your likes and dislikes but also according to your budget and the ability to store the accoutrements.

Here are some nice craft rooms.

This one is the craft room in Heaven! Just kidding, but it's heavenly to me!

Notice the closet behind the desk that hides the musical instruments. The closet doors, when closed, would look like a wood panelled wall! Pretty smart!

To see my post about creating a scrapbook room go HERE.

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Some of My Christmas Decorations

I bought the center piece at a thrift store for $2.50 (batteries and all). It plays different tunes and has light bulbes inside the houses. I painted the 2 separate houses myself and bought a couple of extra trees.

Another yard sale purchase was this complete white ceramic creche. I got all the pieces for $20!

I got all the pieces of this little creche at a yard sale for $1.00.

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Creches, Nativity Scenes

Both of my nativity scenes, or creches, were purchased at yard sales. One seems to be an old one and has "Italy" on the bottom of each piece. It looks so much like the old one my Mother had when we were young. I got all the pieces for $1.

I got this white ceramic nativity scene for $20. There are some chips on the angel but otherwise all the pieces are like new.

A nativity scene, crèche, or crib, is a depiction of the birth of Jesus as described in the gospels of Matthew and Luke. Saint Francis of Assisi is credited with creating the first nativity scene in 1223 (a "living" one staged in a cave near Greccio) intending thereby to cultivate the worship of Christ. The scene's popularity inspired communities throughout Christendom to stage similar pantomimes Within a hundred years every church in Italy was expected to have a nativity scene at Christmastime. Eventually, statues replaced human and animal participants, and static scenes grew to eventually include elaborate and ever more elaborate static exhibitions with wax and ivory figurines garbed in rich fabrics set against intricate landscapes. Charles III, King of the Two Sicilies, collected such elaborate scenes, and his enthusiasm encouraged others to do the same. composed of figurines depicting the infant Jesus resting in a manger, Mary, and Joseph. Other figures in the scene may include angels, shepherds, and animals. The figures may be made of any material, and arranged in a stable or cave. The Magi may also appear, and are sometimes not placed in the scene until the week following Christmas to account for their travel time to the event.

Today you can have one as cheap as you like or as expensive as you can afford. Having one that young children can play with is a great way to teach them the story of the birth of Jesus. The pieces need to be big enough not to pose a choking hazard and need to be sturdy, wood or plastic are good materials, so they can be played with. Tell them the story of Jesus birth as you set up the Creche. Repeat the story letting them handle each of the pieces. Repetition helps children learn the story for themselves.

Here are some nice Nativity Scenes in all different price ranges, sizes and materials.

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