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Friday, May 28, 2010

Katherine & Will, Emma & Adam At Dude Ranch

Last year Katherine & Will took their children to a Dude Ranch. Their photos were great and I made a scrapbook page of when they went skeet shooting.

I have fixed the journaling to read "Kathryn and Will" instead of "Bill".


I found a very informative article on stress and how it affects your health. Check it out! http://www.helpguide.org/mental/stress_signs.htm

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Dupioni Silk

Silk Dupioni that is created by weaving silk threads of two different colors into a weave that seems to change colors as the silk is moved around in different lights. Constructed with threads made from rough silk fibers that are harvested from double cocoons or single cocoons that are spun side by side and interlocked.

Here are uses:

Motivational Tips For Uncluttering

These are some good tips for motivation to unclutter and get organized. And don't forget to read the comments. Many comments are helpful and give good tips too.

Easter 1991

Luke Has To Learn

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Romance of Redemption by M. R. DeHaan

The Romance of Redemption by M. R. DeHaan

This is a wonderful study of the Biblical book of Ruth. This is a small book of the Bible with only 4 chapters but it's a wonderful story. Naomi and Elimelech and their 2 sons, Mahlon and Chilion, lived in Bethelehem. During a famine they sell out and move to Moab where the two sons marry Moabite women, Orpah and Ruth. Elimelech, Mahlon and Chilion died leaving the 3 women widows. Naomi hears that things are better back in her hometown and she decides to move back there. Both daughters-in-law want to go with her but she insists they stay. Orpah leaves her and goes back home but Ruth refuses to leave her mother-in-law. So the 2 women move back to Bethlehem but they are poor and destitute. Ruth goes about finding a job and eventually marries the big man in the village. Sounds like a million romance movies doesn't it?

Why is this story in the Bible? Because Ruth and her 2nd husband, Boaz, are ancestors of King David and, eventually, Jesus Christ.

But DeHaan takes us much deeper than the initial story. In short, easy-to-read chapters, he beautifully explains some of the most basic foundational truths about redemption. Have you ever wondered why it took Jesus' blood and death to save us? Why couldn't he have just sneezed our sins away and not have to go through torture and death? What does the word redemption mean? Why do Christians focus on the body and blood of Jesus, isn't that morbid? The Romans thought early Christians were practising canibalism when they participated in the Lord's Supper (Communion). I felt that DeHaan explained these things very easily.

This book is not complicated, hard, or dry. It would make a wonderful study for a Sunday School class or Bible study but it's perfect for a personal study too. Sometimes I think I can't love Jesus any more and then I come across a book like this and it makes my love even deeper ergo the name of the book.

Thunderhead by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child

Thunderhead by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child

Archaeologist Nora Kelly is called out to the old home place where she grew up. Abandoned, the neighbor says that there have been lights and noises coming from the house. When Nora checks it out, the abandoned home has been vandalized but in such a way as to seem like someone was tearing it to pieces to search for something. Then she's attacked by some men wrapped in filthy furs demanding, "Where is the letter?" Fortunately for Nora, her neighbor shows up carrying a gun and they are able to escape. On the way out she is in such a hurry that she runs into the old mailbox. She has to get out and pull it out from under her bumper and a letter falls out of the old mailbox. It was written by her father 16 years ago when he disappeared while searching a remote area for the Anasazi city of Quivira. He gives her enough information to narrow the search down.

Nora decides she has to try and find her father's remains and whether or not he ever found the city of Quivira. It's suppose to be the city of gold that the Spaniards searched for. Using satellites and computers she is able to find an ancient road and is able to persuade her boss to finance a small group to see what they can find.

By horseback, they go to the ancient road bed and camp and begin looking for the city. This is when the real adventures begin. I enjoyed this book so much. I like all of Preston and Child's books but I believe this one is one of my favorites. I didn't put it down. I thought it was great from front to back. Mystery, action, and believable. Stan and I have visited the ancient Anasazi sites that were mentioned in the book like Chaco Canyon and Mesa Verde. It made the book more alive for me.

There is one sex scene in the book that I wish they had left out. So I wouldn't recommend it to young teens. Otherwise I highly recommend it.

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