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Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Chicago, IL

Our time in Chicago, Illinois!

We bunked Jenny and Brett on an air mattress between the beds.

Our view of Grant Park and Lake Michigan from our room.

Our hotel was pretty small compared to the huge buildings around it but it was clean and well situated.

Little Bugs loves his gold fish!

Boowha's little winter coat and court hester hat!

Fields Natural History Museum. Dad really enjoyed this!

Segway tour

We loved resting at the Caribou Coffee House on S. Michigan.

Brett hears his Daddy's voice on speaker phone.

Navy Pier

I love Chicago architecture. I walked around with a camera to my eye the whole time!

Chicago Institute of Art

The Art Institute of Chicago

The Thorne Miniature Rooms were fascinating.

Pizzaria Uno was great! We all agreed they have the best pizza we've every had!

Fantastic Sushi!

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