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Monday, October 11, 2010

Sun Rooms or Conservatories

I've always wanted a sun room or sun porch. Some people call them conservatories. Then I got one in my current house. It has a wall of patio doors and had skylights. Unfortunately we had practical problems. The skylights leaked and the room would get so hot and it overheated the house. So we removed the skylights and put in new patio doors with insulated glass with builtin blinds that we have to keep closed all of the time.

Maybe it would depend on where you live. In SC it's just too hot. It also should be carefully placed on the right side of the house. You don't want one where you get sun most of the day or afternoon/evening sun (because it's the hottest).

Another problem with all glass rooms is keeping all that glass clean. If you have glass roof or tall glass windows, you have to wonder how you keep them clean. I really love sparkling windows and I hate dingy windows.

I love this one!

A lot of people are adding fireplaces to their porches. I love the idea!

This is a pleasant sun porch.

All that sun can fade anything from paint to upholstery, pictures on the wall, photos in frames, rugs.

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