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Monday, October 18, 2010

Household Tips

Here are a few frugal and thrifty ways to save some money. These things will not change your life at all so it's easy pennies saved! "A penny saved is a penny earned." -Benjamin Franklin

It's recommended that you use a quarter size dollop of shampoo to wash your hair. If you have short hair then a nickel size dollop will do ya! So using too much shampoo is a waste!

A pea size bit of toothpaste on your toothbrush is all you need. You will never notice the difference.

Each box of laundry detergent or bottle of liquid laundry detergent comes with a measuring lid or cup. Use them and measure it, don't just dump! And remember that those measures are determined by the laundry detergent company who benefits from overusage so try a little less than they suggest.

When you go to boil water, use your lid. It makes the water heat faster and saves power.
Thanks for the ideas Frugal For Life!

My idea: When you get ready to put automatic dishwasher soap in, use less than you think. You don't have to fill the cup.

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