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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Elaine Riding In The Early Years

My sisters, Elaine and Melinda, both started training in English riding and jumping as girls at the old Russ 'n Nola Farm in Cedar Springs. It's no longer there. But the girls took several years of lessons and developed their lifelong love of horses and riding there. Eventually they went to western, then walking and Melinda dabbled in padded walking for awhile. They taught me to ride when I was 30 and I got to ride with them on trail rides and such for a few years. But we all three developed Fibromyalgia and have pretty much given up all horseback riding. Melinda still lives on a farm and has a couple of horses but she doesn't ride more than once or twice a year.

Our Uncle James took these early photos of Elaine jumping. I had an inspiration from the October Creating Keepsakes magazine (Vol 15, Issue 7), pg 43 for the layout. Taking inspiration from someone else's work and then making it your own is called "scrap lifting".

I made my own horse clip art using Adobe Photoshop shapes.

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