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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Organizing Your Lingerie

How do you organize your lingerie? If your underwear is just tossed in a basket you might want to consider organizing underwear.

There are plenty of ideas for how to organize your underwear. From expensive Lingerie Chests which are chests of drawers but the drawers are shallow. But you don't have to have a fancy lingerie chest, you can use your chest of drawers or closet organizers to make a place specifically for your lingerie. You can purchase drawer organizers or make your own for your folded underwear. I noticed that people fold their underwear differently. Some roll it and store it on it's end. Others roll it and store it on it's side. I've never rolled my undies but fold them. I use drawers in my bathroom vanity because that's where it's most convenient for me. I have a drawer for my unmentionables and one for my socks. I use a shelf in my walkin closet for my pajamas and gowns. Here are some of the ideas I found on the Internet.

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