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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Organizing Your Jewelry

Is your jewelry organized? Mine is. How do you organize jewelry? Well, my goals were:
* Convenient and easily accessible
* Dust free
* Safe from getting scratched and tangled

I bought a wooden toolbox that has felt lined drawers sort of like this one:

I did a Google search for ideas on organizing jewelry and here are the results. I tried to pick ideas for those who don't have a lot of jewelry to those who collect jewelry from cheap to expensive ideas. I'm always to amazed at how creative people are and thankful for the Internet where they share their ideas.

This bamboo silverware drawer organizer can hold jewelry too.

This secretary desk makes for good jewelry furniture.

Old ice cube trays make good organizers for small earrings.

Or use some egg cartons to organize those earrings.

You can purchase jewelry organizer trays that fit into drawers.

Some closet organizers have jewelry drawers that you can integrate into your closet system.

Here is a smaller wooden toolbox. They are very nice. You could even look for vintage toolboxes that you can clean up and line with felt or velvet.

Maybe you like the industrial look? Then the metal toolbox, big or chest size can be used as well!

How about wooden fishing tackle boxes? They are compartmentalized too.

Vintage tackle boxes would work too!

I love this vintage leather tackle box!

Maybe you have a good jewelry box but you haven't cleaned it or sorted your jewelry in a long time. It may be time to dump it out, untangle necklaces, match earrings, clean your jewelry and vacuum out your jewelry box before you put your stuff back in. Maybe you've grown out of your current system. Maybe you need to sort and discard or give away stuff you no longer wear. If you have beads, bangles and rings that you want to get rid of, think about making a jewelry box or drawer for your children or grandchildren to play with. My Aunt Ruth had a drawer of old jewelry that she let us play with when we came to stay with her.

Another tip: It will be a waste of time and money to buy organizers and jewelry boxes if you don't put your jewelry back where it belongs when you come home. If you just toss your jewelry in a bowl on the bathroom countertop, then organizing isn't going to help you. There are three steps to organizing anything: Assess and sort (which includes tossing); clean and organize; maintain. If you don't maintain then the first 2 steps are meaningless. My habit is to put on my jewelry as I dress to go out. As I come back home, I go back to my room and put my jewelry away and change into my house clothes. I don't wear any jewelry, including my wedding rings, around the house. Work on developing a habit. If you have little girls that get into your jewelry and messes it up, then lock your jewelry box or your bedroom door when you aren't around. Teach them to organize their own. Involve them in the cleaning and organizing.

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