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Monday, September 06, 2010

Holly Blues by Susan Wittig Albert

Holly Blues by Susan Wittig Albert
A China Bayles mystery

China Bayles owns a tea shop and herbal store in small Pecan Springs, TX. Her friend and business partner, Ruby, has a New Age shop next door. China lives on in a farm house with her husband, PI Mike McQuaid, his son, Brian, and their adopted niece. In this 18th in the series, Mike's ex-wife, Sally Strahorn shows up asking for help. Against her better judgement, China and Mike let her stay with them. China starts receiving menacing calls supposedly from a boyfriend of Sally's, who seems to have a connection to the murder of her parents nearly a decade ago. China, Ruby and Mike solve the mystery.

I didn't particularly care for this. It was the first of this series that I've read and I wasn't impressed. It was OK, just nothing to get excited over.

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