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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Organize Your Car's Glove Box

If you dread opening your car's globe box because all the junk will fall out, then maybe it's time to organize your car's glove box.

First empty the glove box!

Sort through all the stuff. If anything is obsolete get rid of it.

Get a folder or accordion file.

In this folder you store your current insurance card, registration card, emergency contact information, any medical information that medical personnel would need to know, Triple A (AAA) card, OnStar info, etc. Any paperwork that goes with your car goes into this folder. Also you need to put a pen and a tire air gauge checker. You can purchase folders that are thick enough to include your car's manual. You might also include a disposable camera (for unexpected car accidents), a small pad of paper, a small flashlight and one of those emergency hammers that can break out the car window and cut your seat belt off.

Now decide what else you have to have in your glove box.
* A small medical kit? I'm severely hypoglycemic so I try to keep a can of Ensure and some peanut butter crackers in my car for those emergencies. Maybe you need something for medical emergencies too.

* Napkins and wet wipes? I use these so frequently that I purchased a bag that fits on the back of the passenger seat. As the driver I can reach it easily and it holds a couple of boxes of individually wrapped wet wipes and a handful of napkins. But if you only keep a few then the glove box works.

You don't need maps any more! So you don't have to store atlases and road maps in your car. Some cars come equipped with satellite and it's cheap enough to purchase GPS devices. These take up a lot less room than those stacks of road maps and they can be updated. I love my TomTom! I use it for yard sales, shopping in unfamiliar territory, trips, etc. But I keep it in the glove box when it's not in use so it doesn't entice thieves.

If you don't have one, you can use YahooMaps on your computer and print out the instructions.

So you can clean out your glove box and keep it clean. For other ideas on organizing your car, check out my post at Organizing Your Car

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