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Monday, July 05, 2010

July 4th 2010

Stan's family always has a big cookout and party for the family on the 4th. This is the first time our nephew, Luke, has ever missed it and he would have loved to be here this time too. But he is in the Air Force and is serving in Iraq. But, Elaine brought her laptop and video cam in order to Skype with him. Here she is working on getting the connection.

Now, we have him online and he is sitting on the floor with his back up against his bunk as he holds his laptop with a builtin cam. Elaine twisted the video cam around so we could all get in and wave and talk to him.

Everyone crowded into the living room to participate and see Luke. It was so amazing to know he was around the world in Iraq. He moved his laptop around so we could see his tiny quarters that he shares with 2 other men.

It is so good to see him, alive and well, and talk to him. But it's so hard to hang up. Jenny, Luke and Lee are like my own children. They grew up next door and we were so close to them. So it's been as difficult for Stan and I as it has been for Elaine and Ronnie, for Jenny to be living away from home and for Luke to be in Iraq. When we see them, it's like an unseen umbilical cord attaches and our love goes back and forth. Then, when they drive away or we hang up the phone (or the Skype) it's a little painful to detach the umbilical cord. I've been pretty depressed the last couple of months and I'm sure there are 2 subconscious reasons... one is Jenny, Kyle and Brett are being transferred to Illinois and the other is Luke being in Iraq. I know they are all grown up now and don't need us. And I know they love us. But it's hard letting them go.

We had tons of food as usual. Stan made his hash but Eddie always grills hamburgers and hot dogs.

we had hash, hotdogs, hamburgers
cole slaw
potato salad
macaroni salad
baked beans
pickles galore
banana pudding
peach pie
blackberry cobbler
homemade chocolate ice cream

Kathi and Eddie have a great swimming pool. Since the gym was closed we went early enough for me to get in the pool and do my exercises. Our nephew, Logan, was a good buddy to little Brett and we all had our eyes on them.

Katie was showing us the photos of her wedding dress. Kathi and Eddie took her to New York to buy a dress. It's lovely!

Logan, Stan and Brett get back in the swimming pool

Brett is 1 1/2 yrs old and he's already ready to jump in!

Jenny and Kyle were playing around and Brett just started laughing at them!

He was just squealing in laughter!

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