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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

The Legacy of Ladysmith by John Kenny Crane

The Legacy of Ladysmith by John Crane

Biographer Jason Glass is invited to Scotland in 1975 to write a book about Robert Menzies, a doctor who went to South Africa and got caught up in the Boer War. His Scottish family thinks a book that embellishes and polishes up his image is important. It seems that Menzies did some wonderful things that have been overshadowed by a hint of betrayal. When Glass gets to Scotland he immediately falls into the family situation.

Before long he's finding out good things and bad things about his subject and the Menzies themselves. They are all complex and bizarre and Glass stupidly becomes one of them.

It seems that Dr. Robert Menzies was able to heroically save his patients and get them to a town named Ladysmith which then became beseiged by the Boers. How does he get out? Some say he was a traitor to the Crown and colluded with the Boers. What happens to his pregnant wife and his newborn son? Throughout the book you learn of new layers that are both bad and good until you don't have a clue as to the real man. Maybe Crane was deliberately showing that humans are complex and aren't all good or all bad. But the shocking ending put the quietus on that.

Both Glass and the Menzies are good and bad. You understand how they got to be who they are as you read through the book and, yet, their insanity is inexcusable.

There are some sexual scenes in the book and objectionable language. But I did learn a lot about the Boer War and I have to admit I enjoyed the read somewhat. Sort of medium in all (not top on my list nor bottom of my list).

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