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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Murder On The Mind by L. L. Bartlett

Murder on the Mind by L.L. Bartlett

Jeff Resnick, Insurance Investigator, has been mugged in New York. Hit with a baseball bat, he's in a coma for 4 days and wakes up with a new talent… psychic abilities! In his mid 30's, his former wife dead of cocaine overdose from her addiction, estranged from his brother, no other family, Resnick needs some help. His half brother, Richard, and his girlfriend, Brenda, come to his aid. Richard is a doctor and Brenda is a nurse. Richard inherited a fortune from his birth father's family. After his father died, his mother (who was hated by the wealthy inlaws) married Jeff's father. Jeff was born but never got to spend much time with his half brother until his teen years. After his mother died, Richard brought teen Jeff home to his grandparent's mansion in Buffalo, NY. Although welcomed by Richard and the Grandfather, the Grandmother was the ruling power in the household and hated Jeff and his mother. Jeff lived there 4 years and then left and joined the Army. After the Army he got into insurance investigating.

Jeff begins to have dreams and visions of a deer hunt. He can't understand what it's all about and his brother doesn't really believe him. Richard thinks it's from the head injury and isn't to be trusted in but Jeff has not only hallucinations but feelings, sights, smells. So Jeff starts trying to repair his relationship with Richard, begin his life again, and find out what the pyschic flashbacks are about. Jeff begins to learn a new respect and appreciation for his kind brother who really does love him. He really likes Brenda and he begins to think about making his new life in Buffalo, NY rather than going back to NY City.

I enjoyed this easy-to-read book. The mystery was gruesome and there was some language. Richard and Brenda live together without the benefit of marriage. But, otherwise, it was a good read. The characters were on an upward swing instead of a downward spiral so you had a good feeling about them and were glad to see Jeff, Maggie, Richard, and Brenda working things out. The mystery was good, there was suspense and action. I recommend it.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the lovely review. The hardcover & paperback versions of the book are now out of print (which I hope to rectify later this year), but it's available as a Kindle download and on audio. Dead in Red, the sequel, is available in hardcover on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.com, but the best price is from my web site. (And signed, too!)

I've also got some fun character & Buffalo stuff up on my web site, if you'd care to check it out: www.LLBartlett.com

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