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Sunday, December 06, 2009

The Right Rescue Husband

The Right Rescue Husband

The right rescue husband is so hard to find!
He's helpful, unselfish, with a heart that is kind.
Understanding her passion, he tries to refrain
From sighing and saying, "The computer AGAIN??"
When dinner's not ready for two or three nights,
He cooks for the family, 'cause who wants to fight?
This wasn't HIS dream, but he knows that it's hers,
And he honors her work to save the homeless (with fur).
He helps with the feedings and cleans up the poo,
When he likely has many more things he could do.
Last minute changes have become the norm.
He's learned to adjust, not clinging to form.
Along the way, these puppies and cats
Found a path to his heart: it's as simple as that.
For the right rescue partner knows he's one of a team
And "for better or worse," becomes part of the dream.
-by Judy Wyles, 2009

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