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Contact me at Mom25dogs@gmail.com

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

All Cuddled Up

With 4 broken legs in my Iggie's history, I am trying my best to make the house safe for them. Here is how I have my bed...

I have surrounded it with a coffee table, cedar chest and ottoman and have put rubber backed rugs on top to keep them from sliding. Hopefully this will give them a step up to the bed (I've lowered the bed as far as I can) and a soft place to fall if they are bumped off. I've got crates and dog beds throughout the room too for Spunky and MoneyPenny (they pretty much stay off the bed unless I'm laying down and I put them up there.) MoneyPenny can come up and down off the bed but she usually stays on the floor if I'm not in the room or in the bed.

Today I came in and found the boys all cuddled up in a ring bed that I have under the covers. (Under the covers are several soft pillows and ring beds.) I put Persephone on her pink pillow at the head of the bed and pulled the blanket back so I could take a picture of the boys.

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