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Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Cold Blooded Business by Marek Fuchs

A Coldblooded Business
by Marek Fuchs

After reading In Cold Blood by Truman Capote, I was interested in this book because it occurred in the same area, Olathe, Kansas. Olathe (pronounced Oh-Lay-thuh) was close to where the famous 1959 Clutter family crime happened. In 1982, another crime occurs in Olathe.

David and Melinda Harmon were living in Olathe, KS when their story begins. This young married couple were making their way. Melinda's father, Dr. Lambert, was high up in the Church of the Nazarene hierarchy. The Nazarene church headquarters had moved nearby and is the reason why this story happens in Olathe. David got a job at Patron's Bank with the help of Dr. Lambert, who also helped Melinda get a job for a dean at the Nazarene college. One of the students was Mark Mangelsdorf who started spending a lot of time with Melinda and then the couple.

The 3 young people were inseparable friends.

Then Melinda came to the door of her duplex neighbors one night to say David had been attacked and killed and she had been attacked and knocked out. Her father, Dr. Lambert, stepped in and kept the investigation from going forward and it became a cold case for 20 years. Melinda remarried and had children, living in a Ohio suburb. Mark became a high profile corporate executive.

Marek Fuchs tells the story. Honestly, I didn't find his writing particularly good. The story should have been fascinating but it simply wasn't. And, if his book is true, I don't know how the prosecutors put two people in prison. Didn't seem like there was any evidence.

It really wasn't worth the read.

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