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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Cheap Exercise

Why join a gym and pay a gym fee when there are all kinds of ways to exercise for free! Here are some suggestions.

* Walking. That's right, you don't need a Treadmill when you can walk for free. Walk you neighborhood, walk downtown, walk in a nice cemetery, walk in parks, walk in a mall or a superstore (walk the perimeter of the store quickly), walk in your church parking lot or church gym. Park at the very end of the parking lot when you have to go to the store.

* Going up and down stairs. Why do the Stairmaster at the gym when you can go up and down stairs for free. Surely there is a building that has safe stairways. Go up and down the stairs where you work, or at the library, or the hospital. Are there stairs in the park? In your mall?

* Go to Walmart and buy a cheap little trampoline and do your walk on the trampoline in your own living room watching your own TV. Cheaper than gym membership or buying a Treadmill!

* At the same Walmart you could pick up some 2 1/2 lb or 5 lb weights. Carry them as you walk and do some arm exercises. If you can't afford the weights, use some canned vegetables. Do some arm curls, some lifts, etc. If you don't know what kind of arm exercises do a Google search.

* Learn some isometric exercises (basically tensing your muscles and holding the tension for a count of 10 and then let go) and do them while you are talking on the telephone.

* Learn some stretching exercises and practise them. Do a Google search for stretching exercises.

* Put on some upbeat music and dance. You don't have to look beautiful or know how to dance. Just move to the beat. No one is watching! Just get your heart rate up.

* Buy an exercise DVD. Or look for videos on YouTube.

* Take your dog for a walk or a run.

* Take a gallon of milk and pick it up from the floor and put it back down. Use your legs, not your back.

* Mow your yard with a push mower. Wash your own car. Trim your own hedges. Rake your own leaves.

* Learn how to do some Yoga stretches.

* Jump rope


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