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Sunday, July 04, 2010

How To Keep Your Dog Calm During July 4th Fireworks

Are your dogs frightened by the fireworks? Here are some suggestions:

1) Don't take your dog where there are going to be fireworks. Leave them at home in their secure safety zone. They get all excited by being out in new surroundings and they're on high alert. (I don't mean in a mean way but as in their senses are already at a strain trying to take in all the new things around them.) Fireworks may just overload their senses. And since dogs can hear better than we can, the noise may even be painful. So leave them at home.

2) Don't try too hard to reassure your dog. You may be reinforcing their behavior if you give them too much attention during their fear. They will learn that fearful behavior results in a lot of attention and loving from their owner. They also may pick up on your own behavior. If the noise bothers you, it might translate to your dog. So it's important for you to keep calm and act happy and upbeat so they don't sense fear or anger from you.

3) If you leave them alone, bring them inside. Then be sure they are in a place where they feel safe and secure like their crate, a favorite room, etc. Make sure they have their security blankets like their favorite bed or toy. If you use a crate, place it in the middle of the room so that they can't pull bedding, pillows, rugs, etc into their crate and chew them up. Have some "white noise" in the background. If they are used to having the TV on then have it on and put it on a station that won't have a fireworks special going on! This gives them the same sounds that they are used to. Music has been found to be soothing to pets. If you don't use the TV, then play some soothing music like a classical music radio station. If they are used to your country music, then put that on. Just be sure the radio station is not having a fireworks special or playing a Souza march with lots of cymbals! You can buy CD's that are made just for pets using instruments that have been shown to calm dogs. Turn a fan on in the room too. This gives additional background noise. Leave a light on so that they aren't in the dark.

4) If your dog is so stressed out that none of this is going to work, then ask your Vet about a sedative to give your dog on nights like this. There are also some herbal sedatives like Rescue Remedy that you can Google and find. It's dangerous for a dog to get so terrified. It stresses their heart and body functions and can lead to destructive behavior like clawing a door, chewing up carpet, etc. If they were to get outside they would run like the wind until they finally give out and you may never find them again. So be a responsible and compassionate owner and take precautions to help your dog through their panic attack.

Remember, they depend on you!

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