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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Relentless by Dean Koontz

Relentless by Dean Koontz

Cullen "Cubby" Greenwich is married to Penny, the daughter of survivalists. Cubby and Penny have a six year old genius son named Milo and a dog named Lassie. Cubby and Penny are authors. Penny writes and illustrates children's books and Cubby has a string of best sellers, his latest being One O'Clock Jump. This latest book is critiqued by a famous but reclusive book critic named Shearman Waxx and he has nothing good to say about it. Cubby finds out that Shearman Waxx has a lunch reservation at a nearby restaurant so he takes Milo and they go for lunch to get a look at the book critic from a distance. But Milo has to go to the bathroom and an amusing incident happens when Shearman walks in at the same time Cubby is holding Milo up to the urinal to pee and Milo barely misses peeing on Waxx's shoe. For some reason this antagonizes the man and he utters one word, "Doom".

From then on Shearman Waxx methodically begins to try and destroy Cubby and his family. But he has come across a family that is not so easy to destroy. They and their extended family and friends are quirky and loving and they are intent on saving each other without losing their goodness and innocence. Milo is so Harry Potter-ish as his tinkering develops magical powers and his dog, Lassie, becomes a super hero.

I love the odd and quirky characters that Koontz introduces and how he treats them with respect and interest. And Koontz adds his signature supernatural touch that makes it interesting. Once I started, as usual, I didn't put it down until I finished. I liked the book and would recommend it to anyone over 14 yrs old.

But the weak part of the story was why Shearman Waxx went after the Greenwich's. You don't find out until the end and it's a weak reason. It didn't really make sense. I wish Koontz had spent a little more time fleshing that out. But it did have a good ending.

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