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Monday, April 13, 2009


This was Brett's first Easter. Jenny took him to church at Anderson Mill Road Baptist Church with Angie, Kathi, Eddie, Katie and I. I had to get photos of his first visit to church on his first Easter. He behaved beautifully! And the Easter outfit that Kathi bought him looked so cute on him! I couldn't quit taking photos of him!

Angie holding Brett

Eddie, Katie, Kathi

Jenny holding Brett

After church, we went to Kenny and Anna's for the annual Harris Easter lunch. Delicious as usual! Logan seems to really love Brett and is so good with him. Logan had his Easter basket and his baseball trophy!

Logan hopping like a bunny!

Luke & Hannah

Great Uncle Donnie holds Brett

Great Uncle Kenny holds Brett.

Ronnie tries on Brett's bunny ears.

Ronnie wants Brett to call him "Pickles".



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