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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Answers To Tough Questions by Josh McDowell and Don Stewart

Everyone, who thinks, will have tough questions they want to ask God. Tackling these kinds of questions are called "apologetics". Christian apologetics pose questions and give biblical, godly answers (as much as there are answers for such questions). I've read several apologetics in the past and this one, by Josh McDowell, was not as good as the others. My favorite is Lee Strobels' "Case For..." books. I find Strobel's books easy to read for those with a decent reading ability and approaches the questions with a journalist's mind. If you can read the newspaper, you can read Strobel's "Case For..." books. He gets leading Christian scholars to answer the hard questions.

Strobel's books are:
The Case For Christ (also one for kids)
The Case For Faith (also one for kids)
The Case For For A Creator (also one for kids)
The Case For The Real Jesus
The Case For Easter
The Case For Christmas
Inside The Mind Of Unchurched Harry And Mary
God's Outrageous Claims
What Jesus Would Say
Exploring The Da Vinci Code
Surviving A Spiritual Mismatch In Marriage

So if you have questions such as:
Why do Christians believe the Bible is the unchanged, inerrant Word of God when it was written by multiple human beings over hundreds of years?
Why were certain books NOT included in the Bible?
Was Christ really born of a virgin?
Did Jesus rise from the dead?
Was Jesus real?
Then pick out some Christian apologetic books like Lee Strobel's books. His are very simple to begin with. You can move on to other more indepth apologetics if you want to delve even deeper.

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