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Friday, January 02, 2009

Playing For The Ashes by Elizabeth George

A Place of Hiding by Elizabeth George
Another Inspector Lynley murder
The estranged wife of a wealthy man is missing and her lover, a member of the national cricket team, is found dead of carbon monoxide poisoning in the cottage she was living in. Someone had set a chair on fire downstairs but the fire had gone out without enough oxygen. The dead man, Kenneth Fleming, was heavily intoxicated and had passed out on the bed and died. But the fire was arson so the investigation begins. Kenneth Fleming had been a very intelligent young man in his teens when a teacher had noticed him and begun encouraging him. But he had also met Jean Cooper and he was in love and in lust. Jean had gotten pregnant so he married her at that young age. That put the kibosh on his intellectual pursuits, as well as, his dreams of being a cricket star. They have 3 children and they have a small house. But eventually, the teacher comes back into his life and encourages him to go back to cricket. He becomes her protege to the hurt of her very wayward daughter who grew up under his shadow. She was the type of person that no matter what wonderful blessings she had, she would see it as a curse and rebel because she wanted to rebel. Anything would have given her an excuse to rebel. Sure enough, Kenneth becomes a star even at his age. All the adulation and the opportunities turn his head and he has an affair with the wife of the wealthy owner of the cricket team. He leaves his poor wife and his 3 children and is totally besotted with this woman. She leaves her husband and takes this cottage. Poor Jean still loves her husband and hopes he will come back to her and their family. He's the only man she's ever known. Their children are terribly traumatized by their father's faithlessness and the older son, Jimmy, is 16 years old and really acting out and angry. Now his father, her husband, the lover of the weathy man's wife, the object of the teacher's hero worship and the object of her daughter's hatred, is dead and his lover is missing. Who dunnit?

I wish I had never started this book. George is a great writer so she had my attention in the first chapter. But this book was truly filthy. Bad language was the least of it's problems. Graphic sex was constant. I will not read another of her novels. I enjoy Inspector Lynley but his sidekick, Barbara Havers, is soooo depressing. So there really is no reason to read this book and I certainly wouldn't recommend it to anyone. It goes in my trash can because it's not even good enough to pass it on to anyone else!

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Artful said...

Hi Sharon! Nice to meet you and enjoyed your posts! I am a newbie to Spartanburg, and a digital scrapbook designer. I was looking for info about Sburg, and stumbled upon your blog!!
We also share the same faith along with the same city!

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