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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Albino Doberman Pinscher

I'd never heard of an Albino Doberman Pinscher until today. One came across our dog rescue message board. A rescued pregnant female was abandoned by her owner at Richland County Animal Control in Columbia, SC. She has been fostered through Noble Doberman Refuge in GA.
Here she is:

So I did a Google search and there are more Albino Doberman Pinschers! So striking!

I have a real soft spot for Dobermans. They are so beautiful and regal but can be so sweet. Real velcro monkeys.


Anonymous said...

Please read up more about the Albino Doberman. It's actually cruel to breed them because they have health problems, the albino gene is not a "special" gene it's a defect.


Els said...

the first picture is not a dobie, look at her face, nose, ears...
In my opninion that's a weimaraner !

Unknown said...

Omg, dense people. Its not a defect, its a mutation in the color gene. It does not cause any extra proven health problems that a regular doberman doesn't also suffer from besides a slight sensitivity to light. I'm irish I get the same thing because I'm super white! Read more on those"studies" and you'll also see most have no actual standing or record and others proved nothing beyond more suspicions. I have an albino and she is the sweetest thing ever, her temperment is no different. Back in the 70s they had slightly different temperment because they were so inbred. Get off your high horse

Unknown said...

Its a dobie, she just doesn't have her ears cropped. Also some dobermans have wider noses, not as pointed which makes them "unfit for show"

Unknown said...

Its not a defect! Its a mutation in their color genes. It no more causes different health problems or temperments from regular dobies then putting blonde hair on you makes you stupid. If you read, slot of those "studies" were either disclaimed or proved nothing except more questions and suspicions. I have an albino and shes the sweetest thing ever. The only thing the mutation causes that's bad is a slight sensitivity to the sun. Which, by the way, every "white" animal has. Including people. Like me. The only reason Dobie breeders back in the 70s had problems with temperment is because they inbred them so bad. The first albino came from a normal colored dam and sire.

Anonymous said...

I saw you online when I was looking at "Albino Doberman" images. I am stunned how many there are!!!!! And it's amazing how they all look just like my Bella!!! Another coincidence I find, is that so many of them seem to be located in Ga.
I adopted Bella 6 years ago from an agency here in Ga. I'm in the Atlanta area. My adoption process was very bizarre! All the way from start to end, over a couple of weeks.( Too long of a story to get into.) Even her adoption fee was wild. They asked for $400 because they said she was a rare colored doberman. I found out they just say that to get money.
Anyway, I also discovered these beautiful dogs have many health issues and are very needy, and can be easily stressed out. Bella cannot be around large crowds where a lot of clapping may occur. She freaks out and wants to take off running. She doesn't like the sound of skateboards whizzing by, or bicycles, or motorcycles. She doesn't like vacuum cleaners either. When I turn mine on, and I don't have to be any where near her, she runs from room to room and won't settle down.
My Bella is over 10 years old now. We love her to pieces!!!!! She too suffers from several health issues. The main issue she has, is growth things all over her. Most of them are like small warts. We have had several of the larger ones removed. She just had one taken off this morning. For some reason, maybe her age, the growths become raw, like an open sore, and don't heal. We quit sending them off to the lab to see if they are bad. We just keep them maintained.
She recently has had a problem with very loose stool. My vet told me she needed more fiber in her diet. I began to give her a tablespoon of sweet potato in the morning and once in the evening. This was mixed with a tablespoon of moist dog food, along with several meds crushed up in them. The last time Bella had a growth removed in Feb, blood work showed issues with her liver. The vet said to give her Sam-e (400mg) a day, and Milk Thistle(500mg) two times a day. So she gets that mixed in the sweet tater/dog food mix, along with senior citizen vitamins, Proin (50 mg, twice daily, for incontinence) All of this was working up until about 2 months ago, the loose stool issue began again. I stopped the sweet taters and have been adding chicken, rice, and oatmeal to the dog food mix. I just recently added Medibulk too. ( a powder fiber, helps harden stool and eliminate toxins) I also read about a parasite that causes the loose stool, and am treating her with Metronidazole for about 5 days.
Maybe you can pass on some of this info to others who have this breed of dog. Maybe my e-mail can help somewhere, somehow. It is so frustrating when issues pop up for Bella and we don't have answers. -Kelli

Unknown said...

Real Nice Article and short story.

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