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Friday, November 07, 2008

It's Time...

It's time to start my annual Gratitude List. Daily thanking God for 5 things from now until Thanksgiving.

Today, I thank God for my Dad and brother-in-law, Ronnie, who are working on our garage project. They've taken their afternoon to help us with this project.

From A scrapbook of me 8 9 08

I'm thankful that my Dad has the skills and knowledge to do almost anything in carpentry and other home building skills. His father was a farmer and carpenter and Dad learned from helping him. He also has his engineering training and all those years of engineering experience.

I'm thankful my Dad was able to teach his son-in-laws these skills when we were building our first homes together on the farm. I'm thankful our men have the talent for it and Dad was able to teach them and pass it along. We're seeing it come out in Luke. I don't think there is anything about building a house our men don't know and I really rely on that heavily. If something needs to be fixed or done around the house...any of them know how to do it. It is such a blessing!

I'm thankful when we get to working on a project like this we all work together and make it fun. We laugh, make jokes, tease, etc. I cook and try to make a party out of it and it makes everything more fun. Sort of like a barn raising. We've done this over so many projects over the years that we couldn't count them. Everything from cutting/hauling/stacking firewood for the winter to building houses. We make a fun time of it.

I'm thankful that we are a close family (on both sides, the Harris' and the Huneycutt's) and we get along very well and have love and respect for each other. I'm so thankful most of the family lives in our hometown and we can get together for holidays and parties and get togethers.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Digital Scrapbooking

I've really been learning some new things lately! I bought Adobe Photoshop Elements a year ago and for some reason it didn't come with a manual and the program says I don't have any "Help" installed. It's made it pretty difficult for me to learn a new program in a totally new genre for me. APE will help you organize, edit and print photos but it's a lot more than it sounds! I've been reading about digital scrapbooking and I've been learning how to use my computer more and more.

I've always used my digital camera and the computer to store the digital photos. I know how to organize them in folders. I know how to print them using my printer software. I've used Microsoft Word for titles and journaling. But, I've been learning how to edit the photos and how to do some special effects and now I'm learning how to use digital scrapbook elements. It's exciting! Here are some of my results!

From Scrapbooking with Sharon in SC

I took the photos in the digital layout above at the Magnolia Cemetery in Charleston, SC. I've been wondering how to effectively use them in a layout. And I've been practising my Adobe Photoshop Elements software and slowly, but surely, learning how to use various things. I thought this turned out pretty good.

From Scrapbooking with Sharon in SC
This is a family photograph of one of our ancestors, Anderson Miller aka Ance. Ance is seated in the middle with his wife on the right holding a baby girl. These are all their children except for my direct ancestor, Noda Vesta Miller (Lamb). She was born later. She was my great grandmother and she died during the Flu Epidemic of 1918/1919. Anyway, I chose a digi paper background and I learned how to use a "brush". You can find free brushes to download and then use them with any "brush" tool. In this case I used an eraser and chose a floral stem and made the opacity very light and clicked in a few locations on the background. Then I used a digi twig element to lay the twigs behind the photo. I used these digi elements: stitching frame, circle, date stamp, label, handwriting paper (which I antiqued with a light airbrushing). I'm pleased with the results.

From Scrapbooking with Sharon in SC
I did this digital layout yesterday. I used a dark red, embossed digital paper and then used a denim paper for the bottom half. I used the rectangle tool in Adobe to make the journaling blocks. I used Adobe to filter the photo of people standing in line to vote and make it look more like a watercolor painting. I used some more digi brushes with the eraser tool to make the scattered stars on the bottom and the cloud like puffs in the top. I used Adobe's text features for the titles and journaling. I used these digital embellishments: staples, brackets, ribbon.

From The TipNut.com

Boiled Eggs Water & African Violets: When you boil eggs, save the water and when it’s reached room temperature–use it to water your african violets. The calcium in the water helps with blooms and plant growth.

Real Men Do Not Abuse Animals

My sister, Elaine's, rescued Pomeranians and her husband and son.


I love every detail of this 40 second clip from Bugs Bunny and General Beauregard cartoon. Notice how Yankee-land is barren and desert-like? It's hysterical!!!

Monday, November 03, 2008

Plague Ship by Clive Cussler and Jack Du Brul

From Books

I always look forward to Clive Cussler's newest offering! I love his books! He has another winner with Plague Ship, A Novel of the Oregon Files. Juan Cabrillo and his band of mercenaries aboard the mystery ship, the Oregon, save the world again. This time a cult group called the Responsivists have decided that the world is overpopulated and the future population explosion will send us back to the Dark Ages. They come up with a plan to kill and sterilize half of the world's population! Then there is Noah's Ark and a teenage Nazi who figure into all this!?!

Juan Cabrillo, much like Cussler's other heros Dirk Pit and Kirt Austin, saves the day in one breathtaking adventure after another. This one-legged pirate with a heart makes sure all of his crew is saved and the world lives on in safety while delivering action front to back. Another one that I started and didn't put down until the last page!

The Oregon Files:

Dark Watch (2005)

Skeleton Coast (2006)

Golden Buddha (2007)

Plague Ship (2008)

Sacred Stone (2008)

Black And White And Dead All Over by John Darnton

From Books

John Darnton was a reporter, editor and foreign correspondent for the NY Times for 40years so he knows the newspaper business. He puts that knowledge and history to work in this whodunit about a reporter named Jude Hurley who works for the New York Globe and helps solve the gruesome murders that occur at his newspaper. He describes the modern problems that plague newspapers today (due to the Internet, 24 hour news stations, public interest in scandal and the lack of attention span in the general populace) and their resulting cost cuts and changes that effect newspaper quality. But this is not what Jude sets out to solve. A powerful editor is found murdered in the newsroom, with the spike that he’d wielded to kill stories hammered into his chest. He is soon followed by others killed in symbolic ways too. Policewoman Priscilla Bollingsworth comes on the scene to investigate but she needs an insider's help to navigate the newspaper world and Jude Hurley is her man. Together they cull through the clues and solve the mystery.

I really enjoyed this book and didn't put it down until I finished it. Darnton made some fun with the newspaper world such as the character "Dinah Outsalot", the food editor and some insider jokes and pokes. He also described the newspaper world and some of it's history without lecturing. He does have some bad language. Maybe it's what he's used to in that environment but it wasn't something I thought was necessary. Otherwise it would have been a good book to recommend for anyone.

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