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Monday, November 17, 2008

Today I'm Thankful For...

Cold weather. I'm saying this in faith. I don't like cold weather because it increases my pain but we are having our first freeze tonight and so I'm thankful for cold weather. I'm thankful that it will kill the pests like fire ants and fleas and ticks, etc. I'm thankful that God has everything in control and knows when it's time for cold weather and when it's time for warm weather. He has far more wisdom than I do.

I'm thankful for heat. I'm thankful for electricity to run the heat pump and the technology to provide heat at the flip of a switch. I'm thankful that my husband has a good job and we can afford to pay the electric bill. We can be comfortable in our home and in our vehicles.

I'm thankful for my friends. I have prayer support and kindness and people to talk to and go out to eat or shopping with. I have friends on the Internet who have taught me so much in message boards. I'm on a dog rescue message board and those women amaze me at all the dogs they help! I've got church friends that have helped me mature as a Christian. I have DAR friends with the same interest in history and genealogy. I've been very blessed with friends.

The sense of touch. I can snuggle with my soft, warm dogs. I can spread my super soft afghan over me for warmth and it just feels good. I can run my fingers over the soft velvet of rose petals. I can feel my husband's face and hold his hand and feel the calluses. I can walk in the grass barefooted (although I have to be careful of fire ants) and feel the grass under my feet. I can shape biscuits and knead bread dough. God blessed us with the sense of touch.

Humor. I love to laugh and some things make me laugh so hard I can't catch my breath. Things like Family Guy, My Name Is Earl, and Conley's Get Fuzzy cartoon. My brother-in-law makes me laugh too. Good laughter is a treasure and I thank God for it.

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