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Friday, November 07, 2008

It's Time...

It's time to start my annual Gratitude List. Daily thanking God for 5 things from now until Thanksgiving.

Today, I thank God for my Dad and brother-in-law, Ronnie, who are working on our garage project. They've taken their afternoon to help us with this project.

From A scrapbook of me 8 9 08

I'm thankful that my Dad has the skills and knowledge to do almost anything in carpentry and other home building skills. His father was a farmer and carpenter and Dad learned from helping him. He also has his engineering training and all those years of engineering experience.

I'm thankful my Dad was able to teach his son-in-laws these skills when we were building our first homes together on the farm. I'm thankful our men have the talent for it and Dad was able to teach them and pass it along. We're seeing it come out in Luke. I don't think there is anything about building a house our men don't know and I really rely on that heavily. If something needs to be fixed or done around the house...any of them know how to do it. It is such a blessing!

I'm thankful when we get to working on a project like this we all work together and make it fun. We laugh, make jokes, tease, etc. I cook and try to make a party out of it and it makes everything more fun. Sort of like a barn raising. We've done this over so many projects over the years that we couldn't count them. Everything from cutting/hauling/stacking firewood for the winter to building houses. We make a fun time of it.

I'm thankful that we are a close family (on both sides, the Harris' and the Huneycutt's) and we get along very well and have love and respect for each other. I'm so thankful most of the family lives in our hometown and we can get together for holidays and parties and get togethers.

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