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Sunday, November 16, 2008

I Thank God For...

Opportunities. God gives me opportunities to learn, to be a witness for Him, to be a servant for Him, to grow spiritually, to develop a relationship with Him. I just need to take these opportunities. But think...I live in America where I am free to worship God. There are churches on every street and Bibles of every kind every where! There are Bible studies at churches near me, on TV, on the radio, in books, in study Bibles. God has given the Holy Spirit to live within me to teach me and empower me. He gave us His Word so we could read and get to know Him. He has taught us how to pray and we have the priviledge of going to the very throne of God and talking to Him! We have no excuse for not taking advantage of these opportunities!

Church. God told us to assemble together and help each other, strengthen each other, love each other. We should attend church in order to exhort, encourage and mature each other. We are given shepherds (our pastors) to care for us and teach us. We develop friendships and bonds. We should be a light to an unsaved world. The church has made many mistakes but they have done much good too.

My digital camera and video camera. I have enjoyed taking photos of nature and family, etc. I'm a scrapbooker and as a blogger I use my camera a lot. It's wonderful to be able to immediately see the pictures to see if they turned out good. You can delete bad pictures and only print good pictures. The quality is so great compared to the old cameras. Everyone now can be a photographic artist! I use it to document my family and to document God's glory! When I take photos of nature and it's so beautiful I have to take that moment to thank God. And it's forced me to notice the little things like taking a photo of a vista versus taking a photo of a single leaf.

Paper. I know we get a lot of junk mail. But paper is used in so many wonderful ways. Again, as a scrapbooker my medium is paper and I love to use beautiful papers, stickers, etc. I remember people who would save and use every scrap of paper because it wasn't always so plentiful to come by. They saved used envelopes and wrote recipes on the backs, or re-use a letter by writing in the margins and sending the letter back to it's orginal sender. I inherited a box of Grandma's paper "junk". Over the years she had jotted recipes, drawn quilt patterns, clipped prayers and obits out of the newspaper, torn inspirational articles out of the Reader's Digest. Most people would throw that ephemera away but I couldn't. She came from an era that saved everything because of the Great Depression. I'm so thankful that I can have all the paper I want to journal, scrapbook, draw, write letters, send cards, etc.

Glass. Think of the ways we use glass in our everyday lives! We have clear, easy to see through windows that let the sun in and give us beautiful views. Back in the old days they didn't have glass windows in the log cabins. You were lucky if you had mica in slits to let some light in. You didn't have screens either. Having windows meant bugs, cold weather and dust coming in. You used shutters so you could have some opening in the summer to let the heat out. Then they had to drink out of tin, pottery, wooden, or pewter cups. Now we have our choice of nice glassware to drink from. We use glass to make mirrors and have mirrors all over our house not realizing what a luxury a mirror made of polished brass was in ancient times.

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