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Monday, November 03, 2008

Black And White And Dead All Over by John Darnton

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John Darnton was a reporter, editor and foreign correspondent for the NY Times for 40years so he knows the newspaper business. He puts that knowledge and history to work in this whodunit about a reporter named Jude Hurley who works for the New York Globe and helps solve the gruesome murders that occur at his newspaper. He describes the modern problems that plague newspapers today (due to the Internet, 24 hour news stations, public interest in scandal and the lack of attention span in the general populace) and their resulting cost cuts and changes that effect newspaper quality. But this is not what Jude sets out to solve. A powerful editor is found murdered in the newsroom, with the spike that he’d wielded to kill stories hammered into his chest. He is soon followed by others killed in symbolic ways too. Policewoman Priscilla Bollingsworth comes on the scene to investigate but she needs an insider's help to navigate the newspaper world and Jude Hurley is her man. Together they cull through the clues and solve the mystery.

I really enjoyed this book and didn't put it down until I finished it. Darnton made some fun with the newspaper world such as the character "Dinah Outsalot", the food editor and some insider jokes and pokes. He also described the newspaper world and some of it's history without lecturing. He does have some bad language. Maybe it's what he's used to in that environment but it wasn't something I thought was necessary. Otherwise it would have been a good book to recommend for anyone.

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