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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

J. Edgar Hoover, The Man And The Secrets by Curt Gentry

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I really looked forward to reading this book but I have been very disappointed. How can a book about J. Edgar Hoover be boring? I don't know, but this one was to me. I've read 3/4 of the way through, so I can honestly say that I gave it a good try.

J. Edgar Hoover was a sad person. His ambition, ego and political maneuvering was very sad. His whole life was about his job as Director of the FBI. He was very close to his mother while she was alive but after her death, he had no one that he was close to except Clyde Tolson as his Associate Director of the FBI. Clyde Tolson was a little too close of a friend if you know what I mean. They were inseparable. But Hoover's life comes off as so one dimensional and sad. And it is scary to know what the FBI (Hoover) did and, I'm sure, continues to do as the Big Brother of our nation. The spying, tailing, wire tapping, mail opening, bugging, blackmailing, etc. goes on even more now than then. And it wasn't (and isn't) always for the protection of America or it's citizens. It's mostly for the protection of the elite, the politicians, and for the best of their little empires. Politics are just so sleazy and corrupt. Yuck! I prefer the simple life.

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