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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Yard Sale Buys

Melinda and I went yard sale-ing yesterday in Boiling Springs and had a wonderful time together and hit some bonanzas!

At one place I got all these clothes...

This Old Navy suede purse (it's not faded at the bottom, the photo is overexposed a little)...

These beautiful blue glasses that match my dishes...

And this car baby-watch mirror, pacifiers and brand new crib mattress protecter for $11!!!!!!

Here is a closer look at the clothes. I got some for me and some for Christmas and birthday gifts. This aqua Crofts & Barrow set is for me. It still had the price tags on it.

This Sag Harbor blouse is also for me. It still had the price tags on it.

I also got a dark rust sweater with sequins around the neck in this same batch of clothes. Somehow I forgot to take the photo of it.

This beautiful Victoria Secret sleep shirt is going to my niece. She's pregnant and it's roomy enough to accomodate her baby at least until the last month or so.

This is petite enough for my nephew's fiance, Hannah, and I think the color would be beautiful on her with her dark hair and olive skin tones.

I got her this tiny blue sweater too. Again, the color will really stand out on Hannah.

I got my other nephew's fiance, Chelsea, this soft orange sweater for Christmas.

I got my niece, Katie, a couple of things for Christmas. This Old Navy print top is one.

This pretty print blouse is also Old Navy.

And then this NY and Co sweater in a beautiful coral color will look good on Katie too.

This sparkling Old Navy sweater is going to look nice on my sister-in-law, Kathi.

Along with this Old Navy snowflake shirt.

I got this beautiful Talbot's petite blouse for my good friend, Joy, for her birthday this month. I also found her a pink and black boucle jacket for her Christmas present for $1 and will have it dry cleaned for her.

My first buy was this gorgeous red Coach pocketbook to give to my sister, Melinda, for her Christmas. It was only $20 and is like new. I used some leather cleaner and some leather conditioner on it and sprayed the inside with Lysol so it's probably better than new. I've had my current Coach purse (bought at a yard sale for $5 and carried it for 2 years now and it still looks like new). She was with me and really liked it so I bought it for her for Christmas.

I keep olive oil and cider vinegar in bottles on my counter top. But, since they are tall and slim, they tilt over and fall too easy. What a mess that makes on my brick floor! I've already done this once so I've been looking for something to help keep them from toppling over. Today I found this for .50. It's metal (zinc) and painted black so you could mark it with chalk. It's going to be a great little organizer.

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