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Monday, August 25, 2008

William Luke Harris and Hannah Marie Gilbert

My sister, Elaine, married my husband's brother, Ronnie. They have two children. The oldest is Jenny and she is married to Kyle Hauser who is in the Air Force. They are expecting their first child. Elaine & Ronnie's second child is Luke. Luke and his fiance, Hannah, went this morning to get their marriage license! We are so excited for them. We love Hannah to pieces. She's just real sweet. I'm going to host a wedding shower for her in a couple of weeks for our family.

Our youngest sister and her husband have a son named Lee. Lee is a wonderful young man too. Jenny, Luke and Lee are like our own children because we've been so close and lived so close to them. I love all our nieces and nephews, but they are special because of living out on the family farm for so many years together. Elaine and Ronnie live behind us now.

Alton and Paula Gilbert
announce the engagement of their daughter

Hannah Marie Gilbert to William Luke Harris,

the son of Ronnie Harris and Elaine Harris,

The wedding is planned for October 4th, 2008 at Poplar Springs Baptist Church.

Hannah is a graduate of James F Byrnes High School and is attending Midlands Technical College in the Spring.
Luke is is a graduate of James F Byrnes High School, and is currently serving in the United States Air Force. He is stationed at Shaw Air Force Base as an armament specialist on the F-16

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