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Friday, August 29, 2008


My Dad was asked to retire from Spartanburg Day School and his last day was last Wednesday. They have been vacationing in the mountains since then. I was miffed because they asked him to retire...but, today, this story came out on the news. He could have been the one to find the body if he was still there. So now, I'm thankful to God that he is retired and out of there before this happened. I should learn God is in control and His timing is perfect and not let things make me mad. I'm sorry I let it get to me. Now I feel sorry for the management at the school having to worry about something like this and I will be praying for all involved and the woman's family.

SPARTANBURG, S.C. -- A school groundskeeper found a woman's body on the school's property Friday afternoon.

The body found in the backend of the property in an athletic field owned by Spartanburg Day School, according to sheriff's deputies.

School officials said that even though the body was not covered and was lying in an open area, it was in a location that would not have been visible to any of the students.Sheriff's investigators are following standard procedures and will treat the death as a homicide until they determine otherwise.

The school's headmaster, Chris Dorrance, sent the following note home to parents:

"Early this afternoon a member of our grounds keeping staff discovered a body on the back corner of our campus. Little is known at this time about the circumstances. The police are currently investigating and have not released any specific details about this person.

"Classes have continued as usual and students have been kept from the back half of campus. Students have not been at any risk and appropriate security measures are in effect. If necessary, we will notify you of any additional information as it becomes available to us."

Spartanburg Day School has lower, middle schools with a total student body of about 500.

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