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Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Third Option by Vince Flynn

A Mitch Rapp Thriller.

This fast paced thriller starts with Mitch Rapp and a couple planning and carrying out the assassination of Count Hagenmiller of Germany for the CIA in a covert operation. Hagenmiller's companies had been selling to known terrorists and the German government had done nothing more than slaps on the wrists. The Hoffmans (later, the Jansens) and Mitch Rapp make it inside the estate and mansion and Rapp takes out the Count but the Hoffmans turn on him and shoot Mitch point blank in the chest and leave him there. Fortunately for him, he is wearing body armor and is not killed. He makes it out of the country but then comes gunning for his old friends, Dr. Irene Kennedy and Director Thomas Stansfield thinking that they sold him out since the operation was supersecret. They convince him that they didn't do it, so who did? Who is maneuvering behind the scenes to have the dying Director Stansfield replaced with their very own puppet? Will Mitch be able to stop them and save his girlfriend Anna Reill? You have to read this adventure laden book to find out! Another good read.

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